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  1. Summers babies have gone to their new homes now, its very sad  :-(  Heatwave went on friday, Snow Storm went sunday and Autumn Breeze and Poppy went today, its just Summer and Dinky left in the kittening room now :-(  we are very sad, it was always going to be hard, this being Summers first litter, we just gave them our all our everything and they gave so much back in return, we have had 13 amazing weeks thank you all of you babies who we just love so very much, we know you have all gone to lovely homes and will be loved and very well cared for, we choose our babies homes so carefully here at Summerspride, now is Summers time to be pampered before we breed her again later this year.

  2. Today Summers babies are 13 weeks old, we have had the most amazing time  :-) and now we are very sad as the time has come for our precious babies to go to their forever homes  :-( 
    On friday Heatwave was the first to go, he has gone to a lovely home with Nikki and family, i know he will be loved and well cared for.
    We choose our babies homes so very carefully, their welfare is the most important thing to us here at Summerspride Bengals, we are not about money here, we are all about happy, healthly, well adjusted cared for bengals with amazing temperaments.
    We love our babies so very much.
  3. Summers babies are 12 weeks old, they had their 2nd vaccinations today and their micro chipping, their health checks went fine, no problems at all we are very happy to say :-) a credit to our Summer and us for putting in the time and energy to breed the very best bengal kittens, word has gotten around about us at Summerspride and we now have a waiting list for our next litter  :-) we breed bengal kittens with the most amazing temperaments, no health problem, just the best. We love you Summer xx

  4. Summers babies are 11 weeks old, all babies are now better after their upset tummies, they have all put on so much weight Dinky weighs 1275g the others are 1500 + g they are really doing so well, they have started to eat pouches as well as raw food and dry food so im pleased about that. All babies love to be cuddled and all love to kiss  :-) Summer is still feeding her babies, she loves them so much :-) Summer called again last week, it was hard to keep her in.  The babies will soon be leaving for their new homes  :-(  we have had them for 11 weeks its been magic, amazing, upsetting, and happy all in one day and its nearly at the end, We thank you summer for our precious babies and we love you Summer so much xxx

  5. Summers babies are 10 weeks old, this week the babies have had upset tummies after their vaccinations, they are eating ok though so not loosing any weight,They all had their health checks at the vets and all is fine, no heart murmurs, everything is as it should be, our vet and the nurses said some lovely things about us and our babies :-)   Summer still likes to spend all her time with her babies.

  6. Summers babies are 9 weeks old today  :-) they are all doing so very well, their weights are fantastic  :-)  they love their raw food so much and are now eating alittle cooked chicken breast. You walk into the room and they come running, jump and land half way up your legs :-) they are so affectionate its unreal, whoever goes into the kittening room gets bombarded with love by our babies :-)  They just love human contact, they love to be cuddled and kissed all day and they so love to kiss you back  :-)  we are so proud of you Summer for the fantastic job you have done in bringing up your babies and we are so lucky to have Dinky :-) and we are keeping Snow Storm as our new breeding girl for next year  :-)  We so love you Summer xx

  7. Dinky is 8 & 1/2 weeks old, he weighs 900g a fantastic weight, he is the most loving affectionate baby we have ever known a credit to Summer and Purebliss Bungalow Bill and ourselves and my daughter Kaylie, Dinky has the most amazing temperament just like Summer and Bill, he loves his cuddles and loves to kiss you :-)  he has the bluest of eyes the sweetest nose, fantastic puffy whisker pads the cutest of faces and we at Summerspride Bengals are so lucky to have him :-)  we love you so very much our precious Dinky xxx