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  1. Summerspride Diamond
    Diamond who is now being named Molly  :-)  went to her new home yesterday afternoon, her new mummy came and picked her up in the afternoon. Mollys new mummy & daddy have built up a special bond with her over the past few weeks, so Molly knew her new mummy when she came to take her home. Molly is the first to go to her new home from Summers 2nd litter, its so so sad, as I really love all of Summers babies, Molly was extra special to me as she really bonded with me like Poppy from Summers first litter. Mollys new mummy & daddy phoned me last night and today to let me know how she is and she is fine  :-)  we can go and see her as soon as she has settled in  :-)  Thank you Caroline & Paul for giving me updates on Molly and for giving her a special home  :-) we know from the bottom of our hearts she will be so loved and so well cared for, this makes us so happy.  :-)  Big kisses to Molly love us all at Summerspride Bengals x x x

  2. Summers babies are 13 weeks old today  :-) 
    It has gone so quick, all babies are just amazing so beautiful, so loving, purr all the time  :-)  so happy, Summer is such a good mummy to them all. Diamond has become a right mummys girl, never far from Summer  :-)  Sapphire is just crazy  :-) but so so loving and purrs so loudly. We have been busy intergrating Gem with our other cats the last week or so as Gem is staying here she is stunning, She loves to be cuddled and kissed she is bonding very well with Dinky  :-)  Its sad as we come to the end of another baby diary, but im so proud we have achieved what we set out to do, breed the most amazing bengals with the most amazing temperaments, little love bugs that love people, love to play and love to be held and cuddled, we have done it again :-) im so so proud. Summer we love you baby love mummy & daddy xx
  3. Just though I would write a Dinky update for all of you who have followed his story, well he was neutered at 6 months of age, we waited at the vets while our vet performed the operation and we was allowed to go and see him straight after, he was all wrapped up in a heated blanket, he had one eye open we gave him a kiss and let him sleep. We then picked him up at lunch time  :-) 
    Dinky is just amazing he is my world, he means everything to us here at Summerspride Bengals, he still gives you Dinky kisses theres nothing quite like a Dinky kiss  :-) he loves his cuddles  :-)  He is getting a really big boy now weighing 3.5kg when he was only 63g at birth he loves his food  :-) new pics have been added to his very own page today  :-)  He has the most amazing face I have ever seen, Summers beautiful eyes.
    Mummy & Daddy love you so much Dinky xx
  4. Summers babies are 12 weeks old today
    Diamond is still the most loving of the litter she loves her cuddles and to have her tummy kissed, she loves being close to Summer  :-) Diamond is going to be named Molly by her new mummy & daddy and has spent the last couple of weekends really bonding with them :-)  Sapphire has decided she likes to empty the water bowl and play with the water  :-)  she has sooo much energy its amazing, I love the way when she is tired she just wants cuddles and to be loved she gives you the most amazing Dinky kisses  :-) a little love bug at the moment  :-)  Gem just gets more beautiful with each passing day she loves her cuddles and kisses and loves to play with my hair, or mess it up  :-)  Summers girls are just amazing beautiful and purfect we love you all so much, too much, we have nearly come to the end of another baby diary, its sad but we give to our babies new mummys & daddys what we have with our Summer & Dinky and its amazing the most wounderful feeling in the whole world.  :-)
  5. Summers babies are 11 weeks old today  :-)  they are all amazing so beautiful, Sapphire is still the most playfull, she jumps the highest and loves to come and sit on your lap and have a cuddle, she loves to kiss you  :-)  Diamond who is going to be named Molly by her new Mummy & Daddy is the most loving she just loves her tummy kissed over & over again, she loves to be cuddled 24/7  :-) Gem has Summers amazing eyes and is fully spotted no rib baring deffinately show/breed quality, she has smaller ears and a short thick tail, she loves to kiss you and just loves her cuddles :-)  Summer is an amazing mum to her babies  :-) Summer Mummy & Daddy love you so much baby and we thank you for giving us a magical time with your babies, Gem, Sapphire & Diamond  xxx

  6. Summers babies are 8 weeks old today  :-) all doing soooo well, Sapphire is the most playfull, totally mad :-)  Diamond is sooo loving she loves you to kiss her tummy over and over again :-) and she loves to kiss you loads :-) a real little love bug, just gorgeous, very much like her mummy  :-)   Gem is just stunning spotted through no rib-barring and has the smallest ears you have seen her tail is short and thick just purfect :-) all babies are just amazing, beautiful and Summer is the purfect mummy to them all  :-)

  7. Summers babies are 4 weeks and 4 days old :-) all amazing :-) Summer is a fantastic mummy :-) we are soooo proud of her. The babies are in the fuzzies right now so hard to see their markings apart from Gem who is just stunning, she was the first born and the smallest at only 59g smaller than Dinky who weighed 63g, Dinky is from Summers first litter and our little miricle baby :-) Gem is now the biggest, she camped out on Summers nipple from the moment she was born :-) her markings have got better and better each passing day :-) All babies are doing very well we are pleased to say :-) Diamond has the cutest face and Saphire has the puffiest whisker pads all so cute :-) and all so friendly already. We pride ourselves here at Summerspride for breeding amazing bengals with the most amazing of temperaments  :-)  we love you Summer xx