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  1. Today Summers babies are three weeks old, in the past week, they have started to wash themselves and eachother  :-)  they have started to crawl, its so lovely to watch, Storm enjoys spending alot of her time on her back showing off her very spotty tummy  :-)  Dinky is still holding his own, gaining weight every day  :-)  we so hope he will make it, i have spent so much time crying over him, he is one special little boy who is loved so much by all  :-)  Summer has amazed us, at what a good mummy she is being, the babies cry and she is their to feed them, toilet them or just to rest her paw on them so they know she is near, its so very touching to watch  :-)  Summer,  mummy and daddy love you so much baby  xxx

  2. summers babies are two weeks old, its been so exciting watching them grow, their tiny ears pop up, their markings develop, i just love their spotty tummys, spotty legs just like Summer :-) then their eyes opened ;-)  wow just beautiful :-)  they are all moving about and putting on weight  :-)
    Dinky has come on in leaps and bounds this week im glad to say, he is feeding well and putting on weight, his eyes are now open :-) he is our special boy  :-)   We love you Dinky xxx
  3. What a rollercoaster of aweek we have had, but its been amazing, emotional, the best time of our lives, we thank you summer xxx
    we just speng hours gazing at our babies watching every little movement every little wimper, watching them change before our very eyes, fur grow on their tiny bodys, ears, tails, the cords slowly drop off and today their ears have opened, we have loved every second of it, Summer is a fantastic mummy we are so proud of her :-)  we love you Summer so much :-) xxx
  4. Today Summers babies are a week old, what a roller coaster of a week we have had, Dinky (the smallest one) had to be feed on day one, for a while as he didnt have enough strengh to feed from Summer because he was early, then he was fine, put on lots of weight :-) then friday afternoon he went down again :-( so saturday we feed him all day to build his strengh up again, his last feed of saturday evening turned into a panic stricken half hour, he inhailed the milk, caught his breath, and couldnt breath, i patted him on the back, it didnt help,Andy ran to get the phone to phone Jacky for help, or the vet, i needed help now, please dear God help me save our baby, i then stood up held his body firmly in my palms, head held firmly between my fingers and thumbs and swung him between my legs, oh my GOD he started to cry, thank god, i did it once more to make sure his lungs were clear, i just cradled him in my arms sobbing,i truely thought he was going to die in the palm of my hands :-( unless you have been through that you can never know just how it feels to almost have your baby taken away....... I checked him over and he seemed fine, we took him back to Summer, we stayed up most of the night just watching him, checking he was ok, im glad to say he seems fine and is feeding ok today, i cant ever begin to explain the fear the guilt the upset we feel, we never, ever want to go through that again. Thank you God for saving our precious Dinky. we love you Dinky so much xxx

  5. Jacky and Tim  we thank you so very much for making our dreams come true with the safe arrival of Summers & Bills babies, 5 beautiful snow babies :-) what else could anyone wish for, Thanks for all the advice you give us Jacky and Tim, we hope one day we will be as knowledgeable about Bengals as you both are,
    loads of love Julie & Andy & Summer xxx
  6. Summers babies have arrived, :-) i went to bed at and got up at 1.10am to my amazement Summer had given birth to 3 babies, i was not there :-(  Baby number 3 had just been born, she was washing it, baby number 1 & 2 were feeding, at 1.45 baby number 4 arrived, wow just amazing, Summer just wanted her mummy and daddy with her, i was rubbing her back, she was purring, at 2.15 baby number 5 arrived into the world, with a loud screem from Summer, it was just amazing watching Summers babies be born, to be part of something so very special, we thank you Summer so much for wanting us with you and im sorry was not there for baby number 1 & 2 & 3, Summer and babies are doing well, only afew hours old :-)

  7. Summer hasnt long to go now, her tummy has dropped alittle today :-) i was up every two hours through the night checking her :-) im very tired :-( the baby monitor arived this afternoon so once have worked out how to work it will put it in her room and i should get some sleep tonight :-) Summer is very hungry and just laying on the double bed in the kittening room, she is such a good girl, i check her every half hour through the day and give her a cuddle and kiss. Not long now :-)  I cant wait :-)))