Our Beautiful Girls here at Summerspride
Our Girls are Pk Def Normal & PRA Normal & Blood type A & HCM Normal
 Sofysticats Charcoal Dream HCM Normal ❤️ March 2019
Introducing Dream our baby girl, imported from Canada, she is a rare Silver Snow Charcoal Bengal
Just loving her wild head type, amazing rosettes and contrast, short tight pelt, blue eyes, lovely muzzle
and to top it all she has the most amazing temperament, cant wait to watch her grow and develop and this
time next year produce charcoal kittens with Sambuca :-) Dream produces stunning Charcoal kittens 
Thank you so much Sophie for our Dream baby girl :-)
 Sofysticats Charcoal Dream
Silverstorm Snow Kisses HCM normal ❤️ Sept 2017 & Feb 2019
Snow Kisses is an F9, she has a long  body covered from head to toe in glitter, amazing long wide muzzle with a good chin, tiny rounded ears,
her profile is excellent, with a convex curve rolling up and over her front/top/back skull, her eyes are a beautiful gold colour so very wild looking, love her tiny paw print rosettes she has a real wild look about her inherited from her Dad, Zazan Mountain Ghost F8 of Silverstorm Bengals, we feel so lucky to have her join us here at Summerspride :-)
Thank you Liz for entrusting us with another one of your stunning cats :-)
 Silverstorm Snow Kisses
 Snow Kisses all grown up :-) 
 Summerspride Purrfect Dream  (Angelica) d.o.b 10.02.2016
From Silverstorm Purrfection & Sofysticats Charcoal Dream
Angelica is our very first home bred silver snow solid girl, and just stunning, she has an awsome head shape, amazing doaming, strong chin, blue blue eyes, fantastic wild profile, tiny ears, gorgeous rosettes and a nice chunky body with a good tail, a temperament to die for, she has taken the best from her mum and dad and we look forward to watching her grow and develope here at Summerspride Bengals
Angelica all grown up
Champion Silverstorm Wildest Dream (Kabuci) F7  d.o.b 22.07.2016 HCM normal ❤️ Sept 2017 
From Creastwood Midnigh Mirage F6 & SnowstormUK Otto The Great
Kabuci is a Silver Charcoal F6 from the most amazing lines
She has a very wild look about her like her mum, she has amazing bengal type, love her head and profile, tiny ears, her coat is softer than velvet to touch, she has the most amazing temperament with the loudest of purrrrs. awsome markings and a short thick tail, from beautiful healthy lines.
Kabuci is best Silver Spotted Bengal Cat in Western Eurpe Year 2017/2018
Thank you Liz of Silverstorm Bengals for entrusting us with another of your stunning bengal cats.
 Silverstorm Wildest Dream (Kabuci) 

Summerspride Sambuca Kisses d.o.b 26.05.2017  (Cookie Dough) HCM Normal Feb 2019

Dam Silverstorm Snow Kisses HCM Normal ❤️

Sire RW SGC Silverstorm Purrfection HCM Normal ❤️

Our Keeper girl from Snow Kisses and Sambuca, Wow what can I say, a dream come true, a Silver Melanistic girl, Cookie Dough has a long body with raised hind quarters, just like her mum and granddad before her resembling a wild cat when she moves/walks Love her square muzzle and her golden eye colour and shape,  her convex profile rolls over the top of the head giving her a domed front/top/back skull  I love her  wild looking pattern of smaller paw print rosettes with fluid horizontal flow, just like her mum and granddad before her. Looking forward to watching her grow  

 Cookie Dough  
 Cookie Dough
 A Cookie one year old
 Summerspride Charcoal Purrfection (Poppy) dob 06.10.2017 HCM Normal ❤️ March 2019
 Dam Sofystcats Charcoal Dream
 Sire RW SGC Silverstorm Purrfection HCM Normal
Poppy is our awesome homebred Silver Charcoal girl carrier of snow from Dream and Sambuca
Poppy has inherited the best of her mum and the best from her dad awesome wild look about her 
with an amazing head shape perfect profile and deep,full, wide chin, small rounded ears and puffy whisker pads
Love everything about her, so excited to watch her grow and develop :-) 
Summerspride Charcoal Purrfection (Poppy) Apb/a (Silver Charcoal) carrier of Lynx
Our very first girls below, Summer, Gem & Tiffany, Lily & Ariel all now retired
Wellspotted Tanzanite,  Summer  of Summerspride Bengals
Summer Is our Beautiful  Blue eyed Snow Girl our very first bengal, now spayed living here with us
she has the most amazing, sweetest  temperament, purrs constanty and is very affectionate, she has the most amazing blue eyes you have ever seen, her coat is like silk to touch and covered in pearl dusting.
Champion Summerspride Gem    
Gem is now a triple grand champion :-) 05.01.2014
Gem is now a Supreme Grand Champion :-) March 2014
Gem is our blue eyed snow girl from Summers 2nd litter she has the bluest of eyes like her mum Summer and Dinky :-) small ears, puffy whisker pads and a temperament to die for, she is spotted through with no rib barring and a chunky bengal girl :-) sadly Gem was spayed so not bred from, I wanted to keep her on my website as she is extra special to us here at Summerspride, she has the most Amazing temperament, like no other.
Gem gained her Championship status at her very first Adult Tica show, for which we are very proud of :-)
 Summerspride Gem 4 weeks old :-)
Photos of Champion Summerspride Gem taken by Robert Fox
Silverglam Tiffany and Co
Tiffany of Summerspride Bengals
Our  brown spotted/rosetted girl Silverglam Tiffany and Co, Tiffany has the most amazing inky black spots, fantastic contrast, stunning eyes, puffy whisker pads, small ears, good tail, and the most amazing temperament, she loves to be cuddled & kissed, her pelt is like silk to touch and covered in glitter. She is very beautiful and we are so lucky to have her here at Summerspride Bengals.
Thank you so much Jill & Geoffrey for entrusting us with such a special girl
Tribalgem Wild at Heart
 Lily is our beautiful silver spotted bengal, she is Beautiful, has the most Amazing temperament, softest pelt, covered in glitter, fantastic profile, strong chin & tiny ears, puffy whisker pads, nice thick tail, Amazing amber coloued eys,her coat is very very clear with no tarnish with evenly placed spots.  Lily makes the most gorgeous babies with the most amazing temperament :-)
Thank you Louise of Tribalgem for this Amazing little girl :-)
Tribalgem Wild at Heart  (Lily)      
Shimmershine Frozen Love
Ariel our baby girl has arrived at Summerspride :-) love her wild head, tiny ears, puffy whisker pads, Amazing donut rosettes with a clear contrast her coat is softer than silk to touch and she has a whited tummy, she has the most Amazing temperament and never stops purring a real love bug, Ariel prodeces stunning kittens with our boys and the very rare silver snow bengals :-) with markings just like mum :-)
we thank you so much Katie and Dena of Shimmershine Bengals for entrusting us with one of your special babies :-) 
  All our girls are tested for FELV/FIV and are negitive We are a PK Def Negative cattery and HCM aware
                                     Photos not to be copied without my permission thank you