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  1. Summers babies have been born :-) 
    It all happened so fast, thank god i was here. Summer went into labour early, she delivered baby number 1, very tiny, she has been feeding ever since :-) and is doing very well, baby number 2 came 30 minute later followed by baby number 3 just 2 minutes later, Summer coped beautifully, washing them, making sure they were ok, baby number 4 the biggest very sadly was still born :-( our first still born birth here at Summerspride, we tried for several minutes to revive him, but he had already gone :-(  so so sad, nothing can prepare you for the heatache of losing a baby :-(   We love you our little Summerspride Jet, Summers little Angel. Thank you Summer for sharing with us the most amazing magical moments when your babies were born. We love you Summer  so much love Mummy & Daddy xx
  2. Our Summer is pregnant we are happy to announce :-) we was hoping she would have a longer break before her next litter, but she has been on constant call since early July, which means her body was ready for another pregnancy, we was advised to mate her again, so off on holiday she went :-) we are really pleased to announce she is pregnant and we look forward to more snow babies in November :-)

  3. Thank you so much Nikki, Jason and Thomas for inviting us over on sunday to see you all and to see Heatwave, now called Boris in his new home and to meet Oscar his new little brother. It was so very touching that Boris remembered us, I had lots of lovely cuddles and kisses, he is just stunning, really beautiful and so loved and well cared for, Oscar is beautiful, Boris and Oscar really love each other it was so nice to see them play together then lay on the sofa to have a sleep. Thank you so very much Nikki & Jason & Thomas for giving one of our precious babies such a lovely home :-) xx

  4. Storm and Dinky atended their very first Tica show Sunday at Swanley, they both had a lovely day and did very well  :-)  Dinky really enjoyed being carried around and meeting all the nice people. well done Storm and Dinky. Photo in the gallery  :-)

  5. A week and a half ago we had to go and pick up one of our babies :-( she had been sold to a nice lady we thought, five days after picking her up she didnt want her anymore :-( we was not notified untill the following week, where poor Snow Storm had spent five whole days and nights in a small room all on her own :-( we are very upset that anyone could treat one of our babies in such away, as soon as we found out about this we made arrangements to pick our little princess up. She has lost weight and was in a very sorry state but im happy to say after just over aweek she is nearly back to her old self. we do not breed bengal kittens to have them treated in such  away here at summerspride.